Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

JMJ Modular Kitchen - In A Class Of Its Own

Welcome to a world of architectural magnificence ! A company engaged in designing and developing the most modern structures in kitchen and bedroom aesthetics. A company that caters to the ever demanding needs of a fashionable clientele thirsting for something unique and different.

We have been experimenting with designs that best suits a modern home or office and making good use of the available resources to complement a particular design.

Changing lifestyles, incessant travelling and global design invasions have set the pace for a new modern standard of living where the client is most willing to dream big and having chic and style to match his contemporary outlook. Enter the changing face of design in residences and the space here that have got the biggest makeover in recent times is the kitchen. Kitchens today are not synonymous with cooking alone, they have evolved into spaces which foster interaction between the family or between the family and their guests.

We, at JMJ, have sensed this vibrant need of our customers and well wishers and have over the years catered to their tastes and likings. We have made good use of today's technology to relentlessly satiate an hungry market that keeps asking for more. Our dedicated team of designers, engineers and estimators have ensured that we deliver a quality product with the minimum of fuss.

After all, we believe that meals and memories are made here !

To create the ideal Modular Kitchen, our focus is on four fundamental aspects :

  • DESIGN : 
    Our kitchens are designed based on the needs and comfort levels of our clients. Depending on the space available, we advice our customers to go for a U-, C- or an L-shaped kitchen. Once the basic layout is in place, we will be in a position to figure out the electrical points for the chimney, oven, microwave and other electrical appliances. Other identifiable spots like the sink and the cabinets are worked accordingly.
    Our kitchens are intelligently created for maximum storage space. To exploit the depth of the kitchen corner, we recommend pull-out cabinets installed from floor to ceiling. Overhead storage cabinets are also a good way to create extra space. We do not want to clutter your kitchen. Like, have a handy pantry in place for everyday ingredients, while things used occasionally can be stored at less accessible locations.
    The most common appliances in modular kitchens are ovens with microwave and heat features. We can offer grills that combine a stove top and grill oven. While choosing appliances, we keep our clients needs in mind instead of randomly picking from a showroom. The appliances we suggest and endorse have the required built-in technology so as to use the chimney optimally.
    The cost of building a modular kitchen is directly dependent on the materials opted for. Choosing an average quality plywood will significantly lower the cost compared with marble or granite. However, we recommend to not choose a material based solely on price. We need to consider the effect of humidity, water, heat, friction and load on the material. For instance, MDF cannot bear much weight, while white marble can turn yellow over a period of time. Our trained interior designers will give proper guidance before finalising the materials.


Kitchen Accessories

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