Our Profile

The story of JMJ starts from a class of Quality and a Vision of making the World a better place.

One day Founder CEO Shahzad Ali then pursuing his class of Operations Management in MBA was fascinated by the work of Juran. He was immediately able to visualize the power of total quality and the difference it can make to the society. He always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and was attracted towards engineering marvels. He chose to blend his passion and inspired by Quality he named his company as JMJ to live his dream of Quality in Construction.

JMJ has been inspired by obsession to quality as propagated by the Global Quality Guru Juran. Juran's work on TQM (Total Quality Management) revolutionized production and construction standards in the 20th century.

A young entrepreneur Shahzad who dreamt of introducing professionalism and quality in the field of construction where these two aspects are required to build customer confidence. JMJ was the idea of Shahzad who holds BBA and MBA in operations from Delhi. After some successful stints in reputed organizations such as Airtel he decided to turn into an entrepreneur and started JMJ.

JMJ is different and fresh in its approach towards transparency, quality and great service to customers. JMJ with its obsession to quality is filing the gap of quality with cost effectiveness and transparency.